Systems Chemistry

The Philp Laboratory at St Andrews

Welcome to the Philp Laboratory at St Andrews

Our laboratory is located within the
Centre for Biomolecular Sciences, which is associated with the School of Chemistry at the University of St Andrews.
Our research interests focus on the developing field of Systems Chemistry. We are trying to design, synthesise and study ensembles of molecules that interact and react with each other in pre-programmed ways. These ensembles exhibit properties that are an expression of the collective rather than of individual molecules. In this way, we are trying to emulate the complexities of nanoscale construction and manufacturing methods which are informed and inspired by those found in Nature.

Amongst the tools we use in our research are organic synthesis, molecular modelling, electronic structure calculations, NMR spectroscopy and kinetic simulation and fitting.
Within these pages, you can find out more about the research we carry out and how we do it.

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